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General Data Protection Regulation

New regulations protecting your personal data, and setting down new data protection rights, take effect from 25th May 2018.  This letter summarises the key matters for you, as a member of the Club.

What personal data does the Club hold for you and why?

In managing the Club, the office staff require certain personal data to ensure that each member is able to take advantage of age related discounts, to communicate directly with you and facilitate member communications direction with each other to participate in Club competitions.  This data includes your name, address, phone number, email address, (“contact information”), your gender, date of birth, date of joining the Club, and your banking details (when required).

Additional information may be held in specific circumstances.  For example, any applications made under Child Protection Disclosure are held for legal reasons, or in the unfortunate event of an accident on the course, medical information may be requested. 

Who has access to your personal data?

Your personal data records are held and maintained by the Club office staff.  In most circumstances, only authorised Club office staff or Club officials have access into this information.  The exception to the above is in respect of the tee booking system, where the Processional / Shop staff have authorised access into the system, to help manage the Club services which are sub-contracted to these other parties.

The Club will not pass your personal information onto any other third party, without your consent.

Members who are registered with Handicap Master and Scottish Golf Ltd will also have personal data held by this 3rd party, (eg handcaps) under a separate agreement.  When registering with Handicap Master and the Scottish Golf Card, then the Club will pass your competition results, and any changes to handicaps.

Is the data held securely?

Information is held on a number of different systems, and access on any system is always restricted to those who require that specific information to undertake a specific function.  Any paper records, eg Club Membership Application Forms, are held in a locked cupboard, and key access restricted to authorised officials.

The Club use a range of standard systems packages to support member services, (eg the tee booking system) and therefore also hold data electronically.  In today’s technological environment some data is held “in the cloud” rather than on IT servers within the Clubhouse, and such data may be held outwith and beyond the geographical boundaries of countries directly subject to these European regulations).  However, in such circumstances EU Standard Contractual Clauses (also called Model Clauses and published by the European Commission) apply to protect EU data.

How long will the personal data be held by the Club?

On resignation from the Club, your personal data records will normally be retained for up to 18 months, (until the approval of the Club Accounts which cover the accounting period inclusive of your final subscription payment).  The records may be retained beyond this retention timeframe in the event of legal actions (or potential legal actions) again the Club, or if a court order is received requiring the Club to retain a members data, or in the event that the member has outstanding subscriptions when leaving.

What are your data protection rights?

The new data protection regulations also set down your rights, in terms of the Club holding your personal data, specifically your rights to: -

  • be informed regarding what data is being held, and why
  • to have access to the data being held to verify accuracy
  • to be able to rectify any errors in the data
  • to request the erasure of the data being held

The regulations also include other rights for individuals in terms of direct marketing, data portability, and automated decision making.  Other than providing you with information in respect of the Club events and services (including Catering and the Professional shop) these uses of data are not undertaken by the Club in respect of your personal data.

Who do you contact for more information?

Members have the right to see what data is held in respect of their personal record, and such access requests should be referred directly to the Club office staff.

Please note that any requests to erase any member records will only be agreed if there is no over-riding requirement for the Club to continue holding the records to allow full and proper management of the Club, including the need to maintain historical records for preparation of the accounts.

The Club has not appointed a formal Data Protection Officer to maintain ongoing review of our Club policies and practices in this important area, although the Club Committee will formally review the data protection practices regularly, and at least annually.

You can find more information about the new regulations from the Information Commissioner’s Office, including the right to complain to the supervisory authorities, contact details on

In conclusion, the Club has undertaken a review of our systems and processes, as they relate to members personal data, has put in place procedures to ensure the proper use of the data for Club membership purposes only, and has set down review procedures in terms of assessing information security.

If you have any queries and/or concerns regarding these matters, please contact Gordon Simpson, Managing Secretary.



There needs to be an explanation as to why we need information:

Contact Details

We require contact details from you in order to keep in touch.  It would be helpful to have as your address, email and phone numbers, although you can choose which details you prefer to provide.


The club operates some age-related discounts.  If you would like to take advantage of these once you have joined, please provide your date of birth.


You may wish to contribute to the life of the club by using your vocational skills.  If so, please enter any information that you think may be of value.

Previous Club

When establishing a handicap, it is most helpful to have the details of any previous club that you have been a member of.

Deletion of Records

There has to be a compelling reason for personal records to be stored and in addition, permission has to be granted by the member or visitor for their data to be retained.


We will retain your name, join date and leave date should you wish to rejoin the club.  In the event that you do not rejoin, the information will be retained purely as a historical record of your membership.  We must have your permission in order to do this.


Returning visitors can, from time to time, take advantage of “loyalty discounts”.  Should you wish to take advantage of such promotions, we must have permission to retain your contact details.

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